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Since childhood, Virginia has been mesmerized by beautiful things. From her perspective, wow is the only word to adequately describe the intricate detail of a dandelion puff, a hummingbird, a newborn baby or the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. “Wow” easily escapes her lips when she explores the natural world, from the miniscule to the mighty. Awed by the designing Hand of the Creator as evidenced in the intricate details of a butterfly, feathers of a bird or a flower’s center, it’s not surprising, one of the landmark gifts of her young life was her first camera, a Brownie (note the chocolate influence!). The object of her first photograph was a whipped cream type puff of clouds above the pink fluff of a gloriously blooming apple orchard behind her home. With youthful exuberance she eagerly awaited the results of the processed black and white roll of film. One would have thought it was an Ansel Adams masterpiece Virginia was so excited with her results. Today, as she examines the photograph, it seems very uninspired (although surprisingly well balanced in the rule of thirds!), but the memories it evokes are the priceless first steps of a gratifying passion.

Detesting being the subject of photographers enamored with twins, Virginia preferred being behind a camera. She and her dad, an avid photographer  who observed and cultivated her natural gift, became the official family photographers. Today her most prized possession is her dad’s camera given to her dad at sixteen just days before he died. Virginia believes it’s probable her dad proudly popped the buttons off his heavenly shirt when, on two occasions, her photographs won second place in National Geographic contests as well as Honorable Mention for every photograph she entered in the international Best of Photography contest. She is honored to have written an article accompanied by her photographs, as well as many of her photographs, published in several issues of Ohio magazine and attributes her success to her dad’s encouragement.

Virginia finds the pursuit of photography, combined with her love of travel and writing, to be an energizing creative outlet. Re-viewing her images resurrects memorable sights, sounds, and aromas of joy-filled experiences that enrich her life and hopefully can be utilized to encourage and inspire others.

Come! Journey with Virginia in the World Of Wonder and be wowed!