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Romance and Children’s Author

Thank you for stopping by to visit. You will most often find me in my garden room where I read, write, entertain or relax while admiring Mother Nature’s ever changing creativity. In winter I am mesmerized by Jack Frost intricate designs on my windowpanes while in springtime I am thrilled to open my windows and enjoy the symphony of migrating birds. Summer returns on lakeshore breezes as I relax on my flower filled patio and write amidst my miniature fairy gardens and the rainbow of colors cascading from window boxes. When autumn displays nature’s color palette of reds and oranges, my cup of marshmallow- topped hot chocolate fuels my creativity.

Having an Ohio, Alabama, and Georgia ancestry, my patchwork quilt of experiences and interests debuted at an early age when my twin and I finger painted our mom’s kitchen with Crisco. After my children became successful adults, I re-ignited my creative genes when I began plotting a romance novel and children’s stories. My novels capture a small town’s world of wonder and unforgettable romance with characters as vibrant and intriguing as an ever changing kaleidoscope.

My in-house “editors” are my housebound feline companions who delight and inspire me as they watch summer butterflies flit and flutter, “talk” to chipmunks scurrying across the patio, hopelessly paw at spiders creating intricate webs on exterior panes of glass or snowflakes dancing past in winter winds.

Photography, travel and writing are my energizing, creative and enriching outlets that hopefully encourage and inspire others.

I invite you to journey with me in our World Of Wonder and be wowed!  

I look forward to your visits here. Welcome!